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A unique culinary experience with a renowned signature

01 MAR 2024

Eagles Resort Tsiotinis Alexandros

The love for gastronomy lies at the heart of the experiences offered at Eagles Resort in its new era. A testament to this is the fact that this season, the reins of the kitchen at Kamares, the fine dining restaurant of Eagles Palace, are taken over by Alexandros Tsiotinis, one of the most influential Greek chefs. A graduate of the renowned Ferrandi culinary school in Paris and having worked in some of the world's most famous restaurants, he is the co-founder of the pioneering CTC Athens, which won its first Michelin star in 2021.

From as far back as he can remember, Alexandros had a well-developed sense of hospitality. He loved assisting his grandmother in setting the family tables, arranging the fine silverware, polishing the wine glasses... At some point, he decided to turn this passion into a profession, but on the other side, that of the kitchen. From this decision to the coveted Michelin star, many years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice were needed. "I am a person who sets goals gradually and tries to conquer them step by step," he explains. "When I heard the announcement about the Michelin star, beyond the obvious joy, I felt like reliving every culinary success and failure. I saw in front of me every culinary joy and every sorrow."

His relationship with Kamares was love at first sight! "From the first moment I visited it, felt the energy of the space, I thought this is where I will create the cuisine I love. It is a restaurant that suits me very well," says Alexandros Tsiotinis. The menu he envisioned to serve on the idyllic terrace with a breathtaking view of the sunset draws from tradition while winking at the future of Greek gastronomy. After all, his philosophy as a chef is that Greek cuisine has only just begun to acquire the value it deserves and will flourish even more in the coming years. The starring role is played by products sourced daily from producers in Halkidiki and fishermen from the wider area, along with herbs and vegetables cultivated in the resort's garden. The pairing with selected labels from the sophisticated wine list further highlights the true identity and essential flavor of each dish, elevating the dining experience into a sensory journey. "A menu must make the guest travel. To close their eyes at the end of the evening and say it was worth it," concludes the chef.


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