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02 MAR 2022

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Exciting news for our sports loving guests! This year, Eagles Resort will feature its very own, brand new padel tennis court. Padel tennis is a new and fun variation of tennis: usually played in doubles with paddles that resemble beach tennis rackets, Padel is played in courts that are surrounded by walls, and the scoring is the same as tennis, but includes the balls that can be played off the walls. Padel tennis a sport suitable for everyone, regardless of their age or sex, and has quickly become beloved by children, men and women of all ages. The sport has become immensely popular in many countries during the pandemic such as Italy, Spain and Sweden, where it has gained a huge amount of fans. Anyone that tries it quickly gets addicted! Our brand new paddle tennis court will find its spot right next to our tennis court, on the highest part of the Eagles Villas, where the view is breathtaking.


Carpet Exhibition at Eagles Resort

16 JUL 2023

Kamares Restaurant takes homen Golden Phoenix Award

03 JUL 2023

Kamares Restaurant has been recently honored with the prestigious Golden Phoenix award by FLAG Restaurant Awards.

Celebrating 50 Years: Eagles Palace's Three-Day Jubilee

01 JUN 2023

Eagles Palace recently celebrated 50 years of legendary hospitality with a grand three-day jubilee, from the 2nd until the 4th of June.