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Celebrating 50 Years: Eagles Palace's Three-Day Jubilee

01 JUN 2023

Celebrating 50 Years: Eagles Palace's Three-Day Jubilee

Eagles Palace recently celebrated 50 years of legendary hospitality with a grand three-day jubilee, from the 2nd until the 4th of June. Guests experienced an unforgettable journey, embraced by the iconic destination's finest amenities and world-class services.
The celebration featured delightful surprises, from morning yoga sessions at the spa to sumptuous breakfasts that tantalized taste buds. A captivating boat trip offered breathtaking views of the azure sea, while themed events like enchanting formal dinners and toe-tapping Disco Party "EDEN" transported guests through time. Art lovers enjoyed an exhibition by Philippos Theodoridis, reimagining old Eagles Palace pictures with a pop-art twist. Throughout the event, warmth, camaraderie, and gratitude filled the air, commemorating the enduring legacy of Eagles Palace's hospitality.


Carpet Exhibition at Eagles Resort

16 JUL 2023

Kamares Restaurant takes homen Golden Phoenix Award

03 JUL 2023

Kamares Restaurant has been recently honored with the prestigious Golden Phoenix award by FLAG Restaurant Awards.


05 MAR 2022

The high season at Eagles Palace just got significantly hotter with a series of amazing events for foodies, wine and cocktail lovers!